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Professional Seamstress Services on Your Schedule

Services Provided

What clothing problems do you have? Likely, we can solve them. This includes everything from minor alterations to making a custom-fitted garment completely from scratch. This includes creating and altering patterns to make clothing that will fit unique body shapes. We can do things besides clothing, such as drapes or blankets, but not upholstery, as those require special machines. There is no cost for the initial consultation, where we will look at the item(s) and give you a quote for the cost.

Contact Info and Hours

Please call or text 503-919-2145 to arrange a time to meet. If you text, please include your name.

2670 Hollywood Dr. NE, Salem, OR, near the McKay High School. But please do not just stop by; make sure I'm home first!

For an added fee, I can go to your home if you need me to. 

Hours: Roughly 9 am to 7 pm Sunday through Friday.

Note: I keep Sabbath from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday, and will likely not answer calls during that time, but feel free to call after the sun sets on Saturday if it's urgent, as long as it's not after 9 pm. 


Payment Options

When paying via one of the electronic methods, feel free to select that you are paying for a service; just note that this will charge me a small fee.

My Guarantee

I guarantee all my work for as long as the garment lasts. If something comes undone that I did, such as a hem or a button or a mend, I will fix it for free.


I have never paid for advertising. All my business is generated by my Google listing and word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers. If you are happy with my services, feel free to recommend me to a friend or family member, and please leave me a review or at least a 5-star rating on my Google listing. Positive reviews boost my listing in Google's algorithms. Thank you!


Eventually I will have a small portfolio featuring some of the things I have done. In the mean time, you can browse the album I created of recent sewing projects on my personal Facebook page, or view the album of more recent projects on my Business page. Both can be viewed even without a Facebook account.

Price List

Sewing Price List